Thursday, March 18, 2010



If you get stuck in Cuba with no money it wont be fun so plan your trip well in advance. Do not run out of money but in case you do here are some solutions.
There are many Cuban & International Travel agencies that can assist you in sending money to your hotel or to your family or Relatives in Cuba such as:

Global Remittances & Cash2Cuba have special links to offers with many additional bonuses such as the lowest cost combined with safe, fast delivery. You can do a transfer 24 hours a day 365 days per year from your laptop, desktop computer or even your cell phone use with your credit card, money orders, bank transfers, cash, etc. Fincemex debit card system & the Cuban banking system have a network of locations all over Cuba which allows them to get your money in Cuba fast.
Cuban banks and all hotels have services in both Spanish & English.

If you do decide to take cash with you to Cuba please bring enough to last your whole trip and we advise you to buy the new Cuban Currency called the CUC or "Cuban convertible pesos"
You will pay high taxes of at least 11% exchange rate to the Cuban government banks for exchanging Cash.
Do Not Carry any USD as you will be penalized another 20% Tax. Its much better to bring any other currency rather than the USD such as CAD, EURO and British Pounds.

The important Cuba Central Bank announced that payments in hotels, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, taxis, shops, car rental companies and other services will be made in convertible pesos so as a tourist you will not have any problems during your vacation in Cuba Luxury hotels.
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